Each of the Hogwarts houses is presented with a locked door.





RAVENCLAWS: *find the key*

SLYTHERINS: *pick the lock*

GRYFFINDORS: *kick it down


This has been a brief description of the Hogwarts houses.

But Hufflepuff’s are great finders so shouldn’t they be finding the key? Wouldn’t Ravenclaw be doing something different more akin to riddle solving?

Book Ravenclaws do solve riddles for their common rooms.

^that’s why I said what I said~

Is no one going to comment on the Gryffindors just fucking bashing the door in?


Anonymous asked:

What year is Frozen supposed to be in? I heard it was sometime in the 1800's which was my original guess, but I'd like to know closer to the time frame?

arendellekingdom answered:

Actually, one of my friends and I have discussed this before. Apparently the movie is set in 1800s but if Tangled is set on the same time and period then it doesn’t make sense because Tangled is post-renaissance. So it’s like ?????

But then the paining of the swing when Anna is interacting with the paining (based on this actual painting) is from 1767 so it would make sense that it’s set in 1800s… Let’s go with 1800s. 

Well tangled was set in 1780s I believe (or 1870s but I’m pretty sure 1780’s.



Imagine: The Office ends with everyone attending Michael’s funeral. Dwight and Angela fought on the way home, and Mose kills them both with a rake. Jim and Pam got a divorce, and Pam ends up with Bryan, the camera man, leaving Jim in the care of Kelly Kapoor. Ryan dyed…